Friday, January 14, 2011

$3 a gallon too steep for you? $4 a gallon?

If Americans believe $3 and $4 a gallon gasoline prices are ridiculous, they need only have one look at the UK to see what absurd looks like.

NICK Clegg earlier this week made a pitch for the hearts of “alarm clock Britain”: those who “come rain or shine are busy making Britain tick”. He was right to identify working people as being in need of support, having been taken for granted during the Labour years.

But what is the point in supporting people when they are emerging bleary-eyed from under their duvets if you are then going to kick them in the teeth when they go outside and get into the car?

Fuel prices yesterday were nudging their record highs of July 2008. Unleaded petrol was averaging £1.28 a litre and
diesel £1.32 a litre. And what is the Government doing to help those who rely on their cars to get to work every day? It plans to raise duty by a penny over inflation in April this year and every year until 2014.

I went ahead and did the rough math conversions between dollars and pence and liters and gallons.

128 Pence = $2.03
132 Pence = $2.09
And there are 3.78 liters in one US gallon.

Therefore, the price per gallon of gasoline in the UK is presently at $7.71 per and $7.94 for diesel per gallon, give or take a penny. That would be the price for regular grade gasoline and diesel. Hi test? Over $10 a gallon.

And that is precisely where Barack Obama not only wants to take this country? But he is hell bent to see it happen.

Softly, softly catchy monkeys......"we are the government and they are here to help."

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