Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scary Skinny? You decide

This story and these reports of the incredible shrinking man have been making the rounds since before Christmas.

The real reason behind PRESIDENT OBAMA's shocking weight loss - he's secretly battling stomach parasites, say sources.

The pencil-thin president caught the parasites on a trip last year to Hawaii, where he and his family also vacationed over Christmas, according to top political insiders.

"Barack has wanted to keep the stomach parasites under the radar," revealed a close source.

And there is no denying the reality that more and more people are seeing and taking notice of. Are stomach parasites the real reason behind it as the Enquirer is now reporting? Who knows. Could be a tape worm, or could be something else. In any event, something is going on and it is showing.

Most presidents age rapidly and turn gray almost overnight, but few simply dry up and blow away.

Of course the other possibility is that he is simply melting. I must go did up my old copy of the movie and look for similarities.

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