Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The story yet to be told

Make no mistake, there is method to madness and rhyme to reason as it concerns what we are seeing played out in the media since the shootings in Tucson last Friday. I call it the tactics of the 'New Left.'

Neil Boortz struck upon truth in an interview with CNN on Sunday when he reminded the viewers of Rahm Emanuel's famous directive to never let a good crisis go to waste. Boortz quickly added, 'or a good tragedy.' And he is right.

What has occurred in Tucson is undeniably a tragedy and just as undeniably, the democrats immediately set out to stake out their claims and blame their opposition for the tragedy. Blaming the right, talk radio and the Tea Party, has been their policy position on this tragedy from day one.

Boortz went on to observe that he had information that no sooner than the shooting had occurred, than liberals were tweeting that the party needed to get out front of it and begin to 'deftly blame it on the Tea Party and the right for the shootings in Tucson. And that is precisely what has been occurring in the media ever since.

I recognized the political tone emerging, as soon as I saw this sheriff in Pima county and listened to and read over his remarks on Friday. Surely there were the loons on the periphery who were already engaged in spewing their own prejudicial versions of hate, those such as Jane Fonda (who immediately blamed Palin), but Sheriff Dupnik was a fresh face.

Sheriff Dupnik was a face of authority on the scene and therefore, he was speaking from a position of elected office and theoretical trust. But as soon as he began to speak on the shooting, he immediately began to interject his own political spin and opinions into what he was reporting to the media. And the media lapped it up. And he hasn't stopped since. Aside from commenting on evidence and investigative findings, he has now seized upon Rush Limbaugh as the new object of his animosities.

A lot can happen in four days time and a lot has happened. We now know things that we didn't know on Friday afternoon concerning Jared Loughner.

We now know that regardless of the left's attempt to portray Jared Loughner as a radicalized product of talk radio and Sarah Palin's nursing or Tea Party hatred, Jared Loughner was in fact if anything, by all accounts 'a liberal anarchist.' His youtube ramblings and rants pretty well sum that reality up into a neat bundle.

These facts have been determined through simple investigative efforts and what is openly available on youtube and other sources on the net. Combined with talking to his friends and high school class mates and students who attended community college with him etc. a clear picture has emerged.

They have all come forth and noted that when they knew him, he was a 'leftist pot head' and a disruptive student and someone with notable mental problems and someone many of them were afraid of.

Further investigation has determined that Loughner is a registered independent and that he didn't even vote in the last election and more importantly, it has now been determined that the reason he targeted congresswoman Giffords, was because of his anger over her failure to support Nancy Pelosi to retain her position as speaker of the house. (compliments of evidence submitted by Sheriff Dupnik to the media).

As more time passes, more facts will be revealed and some of the facts that stand to be the most damning center around Sheriff Dupnik and the Pima County Sheriff's office. It is a known fact that Sheriff Dupnik is a democrat. As it is a known fact that for reasons that are based in fact and observation, the sheriff  immediately began to obliquely lynch the right, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party from the moment he first stepped in front of the cameras.

And while the sheriff remained coy and allowed others to assign the names to the generalities that he initially represented as responsible for the shooting, yesterday he made no bones about identifying his new target, Rush Limbaugh.

But what hasn't come to light completely yet, is that there is an apparent direct connection between Sheriff Dupnik and Jared Loughner. Information that is currently surfacing on the internet, indicates that Loughner (as the sheriff says) "had a troubled past" alright.

And the reason that sheriff Dupnik can make that observation, is because he apparently has some first hand information and contact with the suspect prior to the shooting in Tucson last Friday.

As has been recently revealed by the "Cholla Jumps blog," Loughner has been on the Pima County Sheriff's office radar for quite some time. The reports are that Loughner has made numerous death threats to a number of people in the county, including other elected officials and the sheriff and his investigators knew about it and in fact told the victims that they were handling it and that Loughner was getting mental health counseling an there was no point is arresting and prosecuting him.

 Sheriff Dupnik had to have known about this, as the sheriff's department investigators had investigated the complaints and made determinations of fact that must have been reported to the sheriff. The Pima investigators were also aware of the complaints against Loughner at the Tucson community college where he was enrolled and subsequently kicked out.

And the real problematic part of these new revelations, is that the blogger Cholla Jumps has apparently talked with those investigators inside the Pima Sheriff's department and they have informed him of these revelations and the fact that Loughner was never prosecuted, due to the fact that his mother is a county employee and apparently has political connections with the sheriff.

The clamor on the internet for an investigation of these newly revealed reports is becoming louder and will only grow louder. A number of prominent blogs in the blogoshere have now picked up on the reports and they too are finding evidence to support the allegations being made by Cholla Jumps.

And a cursory review of main stream media reports beginning last Friday afternoon after the shooting, tend to support the admissions by sheriff Dupnik, (in several published remarks) that he was aware of Loughner's history of making death threats to others in Pima County and of his mental health problems, 'but he never made any death threats toward congresswoman Giffords' according to the sheriff.

So as this story continues to unfold, it appears to me that this sheriff was immediately aware of his department's culpability in this tragedy, just as soon as the shooter was identified. And the sheriff has been trying to stay ahead of the story and deflect his own culpability, by creating as much background chafe in the media as he possibly can ever since.

Sheriff Dupnik was aware of  Loughner's background alright, a review of the sheriff's initial and subsequent interviews and statements in the media now easily establishes that. And it is just as easily established, that the left in this country, immediately set about to attempt to demonize their enemies and particularly the Tea Party, by slinging as much mud as possible and hoping that it would stick and obscure the truth concerning who is responsible for this tragedy.

As an observer on the sidelines, I cannot help but  immediately think about the new left policy of attempting to seize upon this tragedy for their own political benefit. From their faux anxiety over the use of cross hairs by Sarah Palin during the campaign, to their rush to attempt to introduce legislation to outlaw free speech that they 'consider threatening.'

The new left in America has no honor when it comes to their politics and the truth rarely crosses their lips IMO. Their philosophy is as it always has been, 'by any means necessary.' There are six people dead in Tucson and the lives of a congresswoman and thirteen others irrevocably changed by a leftist loon.

Whether he was influenced by those in the media or those in Hollywood, or those on talk radio will be determined with certainty and quickly, but I will promise you this. Nowhere in the final review of evidence and motives as it concerns Jared Loughner, will it be determined that he was influenced by the supposed hatred of the right. Other than as it applies to the hate that has been generated in his mind and the minds of others, against those on the right, by those on the left. Other than that,  there is no discernible blame that can be attributed to politics.

Those on the left are welcome to crawl upon their soap boxes and scream like the Saul Alinsky inspired banshees that they are, but the truth will prevail. And if there is any doubt about the hate being spewed or who is responsible for it on the American political landscape, they need only to read Michelle Malkin's more recent observations and supporting evidence on the matter.

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