Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today in America

Son Suggests Reagan Had Alzheimer's as President

"My sense of these people is that they don't have any respect for the public at large. They have a revolutionary mindset. I think they feel that anything they can do to prevail — lie, cheat, whatever — is justified by their revolutionary aims"

That's a quote of Ron Reagan's. Sounds like he is possibly talking about the present administration doesn't it. Wrong. That was Ron Reagan speaking about the Bush administration.

Anyone else see the transference afoot there?

Now, let's have a look at Ron's latest revelations about his father.

Ronald Reagan's son suggests in a new book that his father suffered from the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease while he was still in the White House.

The memoir quotes excerpts from Ron Reagan's book "My Father at 100," published by Viking, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA).

Reagan's son writes that he believes his father would have left office before his second term ended in 1989 had the disease been diagnosed then. U.S. News & World Report was the first to break the publishing embargo.

"I've seen no evidence that my father (or anyone else) was aware of his medical condition while he was in office," Reagan writes. "Had the diagnosis been made in, say 1987, would he have stepped down? I believe he would have."

And the point of these revelations by the prodigal son?

Go and read the entire report and then you decide. Looks like money and a revisionist attempt at reviving a life that has amounted to no more than a warm bucket of spit. But that's just my opinion.

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