Thursday, January 20, 2011

What color is the sky in their world?

Based on poll results posted today by Fox News? I'd say that there are a helluva lot more folks out there like Jared Loughner than anyone ever suspected. Those folks who must be seeing blue trees and orange skies like Loughner claims to have done. Because I am at a complete loss to fathom the fickleness of a goodly portion of America.

According to Fox News, Obama's approval rating is up.

After two years in office, over half of American voters say President Obama is failing to live up to expectations, and a majority is dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country today.

Still, the president’s job approval rating is at its highest level in over six months. These are just some of the findings from a Fox News poll released Thursday.

Approval of Obama’s job performance stands at 47 percent, up from 40 percent in December.

The last time approval of the president was this high was late June 2010 (also 47 percent approval). The new poll found 44 percent disapprove of the job Obama is doing.

A year ago 50 percent approved and 42 percent disapproved (January 2010). what have I missed? Unemployment is still over 10% nationally and in some places (like Nevada and Michigan, it is bumping 15%). The economy continues to lumber along like a three legged dog on ice skates and the price of gas has gone up thirty five cents in the last two months. Not to mention the costs of groceries that no one seems to notice, much less report on. And the Chinese are about to hand us our asses globally as the economic leader of the world (soon to be followed by military leader).

So what did I miss? Oh!

The president's handling of the Tucson shooting? So that was it huh......

Ok, let me see if I have this straight. Obama didn't prevent the shooting. He didn't do anything new or innovative to aid in the investigation or prosecution of the perpetrator. Unless you consider his phone call to Sheriff Dupnik to congratulate him. The same man (sheriff) who fanned the fires of liberal discontent and angst nationally. The same one who aimed his own vitriol at talk radio, Sarah Palin Rush Limbaugh and anyone else that the left felt was guilty of inciting violent rhetoric.

And oh! I almost forgot. Obama was the guest rock star at the Tucson rally/memorial. Complete with his campaign slogan T shirts that someone else was responsible for and weren't really campaign T shirts to begin with.

And for these accomplishments? The president's approval rating rose seven points in the last two weeks. Well hallelujah and pass the spam and butter peas please! For a minute there I thought that the American electorate may have completely lost their minds. At least based on these polling numbers.

Then it dawned on me, this is basically normal for most of them. Or par for the course as some might say. The American electorate, (at least those polled by Fox News this week) seem to have completely forgotten about the economy, jobs, Obama's health care debacle that is about to cripple the country and everything else that the man 'hasn't accomplished' over the last two years. And some how at least 'those polled' are beginning to get some of those tingly feelings up their legs again apparently.

I can't quite put my finger on it? But something has changed between now and two weeks ago. Obviously something changed for this noticeable shift in the quantum dynamics of public opinion concerning a man who has done absolutely nothing to justify their renewed approval on any level.

Wait a minute! Could it be that the new season of American Idol is back on the air this week? And that has been the much needed distraction that this administration needs? Who the hell knows. But one thing is for sure. I'd love to be able to peek inside the heads of some of these folks who believe that this president is doing a good job.

Just once. So that I could have a look at the world through their eyes. Because something tells me? There are colors of the rainbow in their world? That the rest of us are completely blind to.

Hail Caesar! Pass the beer, chips and wings and will someone PLEASE! tell me when the Super Bowl comes on! We need some serious business in this country to get people back on track with what is really important in their lives.

More beer! More Football! More American Idol! More Justin Beber and Brittany Spears! And for God's sake! More Barack Obama! Amen.......

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