Wednesday, January 05, 2011

China, Taiwan and America

So in other words, if America ever had a call to use superior conventional weapons against the Chinese? Say for instance, in defense of our forces stationed in Taiwan or South Korea? And being attacked by the Chinese? Then the Chinese would feel obliged to respond with first strike nuclear capability. And remember...Bill Clinton is the one who gave them their present capability to do just that.

China military eyes preemptive nuclear attack in event of crisis

The Chinese military will consider launching a preemptive nuclear strike if the country finds itself faced with a critical situation in a war with another nuclear state, internal documents showed Wednesday.

The newly revealed policy, called ''Lowering the threshold of nuclear threats,'' may contradict China's strategy of no first use of nuclear weapons under any circumstances, and is likely to fan concern in the United States, Japan and other regional powers about Beijing's nuclear capability.

The People's Liberation Army's strategic missile forces, the Second Artillery Corps, ''will adjust the nuclear threat policy if a nuclear missile-possessing country carries out a series of air strikes against key strategic targets in our country with absolutely superior conventional weapons,'' according to the documents, copies of which were obtained by Kyodo News.

Everyone still feel all warm and fuzzy about our present commander in chief?

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