Friday, March 27, 2009

Beware! of the "White People With Blue Eyes!"

I have often wondered what was at the root of all evil in the world. And once again it seems to have been revealed to be none other than the white Anglo-Saxon protestants at the heart of it all. Well....maybe not the protestant part, but the white Anglo-Saxon and blue eyed part seems to be a recurrent theme with some.

After all, there are more than a few blue eyed atheist and others running about, therefore, we can't blame all of our troubles on white Christians, blue eyed or not.

Brazil's President, while meeting with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Thursday, said the global financial crisis was caused by "white people with blue eyes."

And Gordon Brown certainly can't be blamed for the world's troubles can he?. After all, he doesn't have blue eyes and the poor man can barely see as it is. Although I wonder? Do you think he took offense to the remark by Brazil's president? Perhaps the reference to the eyes or to his skin color? Either way, there was no apparent reaction on the part of PM Brown. I mean aside fro the obligatory apology and promise to commit more money that the British and the western world don't really have right now.

And besides....according to Downing Street? President Silva's remarks were made for "domestic consumption." I'll have to remember that. For come the appropriate time in the future when someone in the UK takes exception to anything said outside of the natural borders of the UK.

Never worry! It was for a play to domestic consumption! I imagine that Bin Ladin will even find amusement with that level of asinine and apologetic, not to mention pathetic logic.

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