Monday, March 09, 2009

Is It 13 O'Clock Yet?

(For those who don't immediately get the title? Pick up a copy of Orwell's 1984)

Over the weekend, the news began to seep out that President Obama, (also known as the messianic one) has determined that one of the first tactics that he intends to pursue on the war in Afghanistan, is talks and negotiations with the Taliban.

Which I can only presume fits well with his pre-election campaign promises that he would talk with terrorist nations without any preconditions. What better place to begin his grand diplomatic adventure, than with the Taliban.

Well.....of course there is always Al Qaida, but he may not have their mailing address yet. And yes, neither one of these organizations represents a nation, but the messianic one has to begin somewhere.

In any event, the messianic one seems to think that the same initiatives pursued during the Bush administration: specifically, that we sit down and talk with our enemies, may bear fruit for our junior G man president and his still budding administration.

Obama seems to believe that the problem all along has been, that we simply haven't tried to talk to these people. After all, they must be approachable and reasonable people right? Or has the messianic one confused his observations of the previous administration's successes in Iraq, with his own seeming stumbling ability to attempt to achieve the same now. And keep in mind, Admitting to successes on any level in the Bush administration has been like nails on a blackboard. (no pun intended) to our newly minted president.

So the plan as he explains it is relatively simple. America just goes and sits down with the Taliban to talk. Much the same way we did with the disenchanted Sunnis in Iraq two years ago. And of course, even though the messianic one has stated in the past, that he would personally be open to dialogue, it will be surrogates who actually carry out these proposed negotiations. I wonder what Hillary thinks about all this, considering that she may very well wind up being the primary turd in Obama's torpedo tube of negotiations.

I'm sorry, but I have visions of Hillary riding this bull like Slim Pickens rode the bomb in Dr. Strange Love. We can maybe even call the sequel, "Stranger Than Fiction." How America abandoned all fears and learned to embrace the Jihad. (but I digress.)

Back in this dimension of reality? The (my) reality remains, that the Taliban is not comparable to the disenchanted Sunnis that the Taliban's buddies (Al Qaida) were so successful in recruiting for murder and mayhem for four years in Iraq. You see, there is a difference between being a disenchanted radicalized problematic group of "insurgents" and a deadly committed and organized Islamic organization funded by terrorist nation states all across the region.

I guess, these are just some of the little nuances that the messianic one is still trying to come to grips with, but rest assured, he isn't going to do anything without first running up his test balloons with the media. Hence his suggestion that the media go and interview General Petreus and obtain the general's thoughts and feelings on sitting down to break bread with the simple shepherds of the Afghan Pakistan border regions.

What amazes scratch that! What absolutely frigging amazes me? Is that the media is so willing to continue to give this guy a pass on everything! I mean aside from the fact that the economy is going deeper into the crapper by the day and aside from the fact that Obama is making noises that in his opinion we are losing the war in Afghanistan, the media continues to give him the passes and the blank stares.

Along with the dire news of the past week, they even found the way to slip into the mainstream reporting, that the messianic one's hair seems to be frosting and besides, he has been under a lot of pressure of late. Far more than he ever envisioned and as an example, that was one of the primary reasons that he and Michelle so severely flubbed the recent state visit of the UK's Gordon Brown. It was all the stress stupid. That and the fact that he hasn't been in the gym as much since January 20th!

Meanwhile, the greatest crisis facing this nation right now, even more severe than the immediate or long term problems in Afghanistan, is that the American economy is headed on a greased rail to hell in a hand basket and the Obama-messiah is obviously clueless. And the best that the collective media can seem to muster in observation of all this, are pieces on Michelle's toned arms and how does she do that. Or isn't Mr. president looking a bit haggard of late?

Give me a break people....the man is daily giving away the game to all of the enemies of this nation. From our real enemies in the middle east to our sullen and hiding enemies in Europe, to the very tangible effects of the enemy of a black hole economy that shows no signs of ending before it consumes the entire universe as we know it.

And the way. Let's not forget the Haldron Collider in Europe. Where they may actually accomplish in reality, what the messianic one is attempting metaphorically here in our real world.

It truly is about to be a bright cold day in April, and the clocks are about to strike thirteen for real.

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