Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obama: More Failing Foreign Policy On Display

The United States has been the recognized and respected leader of the world for the past seventy odd years. Singly because we had both the mettle and the determination to do the right thing when called upon or challenged by either friend or foe. America stood for and represented the strength and fortitude of a moral nation in the face of all who would challenge our right or our freedom in the world. Or that of our friends or those to whom we extended our umbrella of protection for that matter.

We stood toe to toe and eye to eye with the Soviet Union, while Europe cowered at the thought of Russian T-72 tanks rumbling through the streets of Paris or Brussels or London in post WWII. And they had good cause to worry and be afraid of just such events potentially coming to pass. They had just witnessed what a well armed and undeterred fascist foe like Nazi Germany could accomplish when left to flaunt all known world authority unchallenged.

And they subsequently witnessed what happened in the streets of Budapest when the Russian bear flexed its post war muscle in 1956 and later in 1979 with their invasion of Afghanistan.

And each time that the world collectively held it's breath, they were also collectively looking to America for it's response and leadership in the face of threat and crisis. The world was also looking as were the enemies of America, to see what forms of threat and deterrence would be tabled by America to counter the proposed threats of those who chose to challenge freedom and democracy on any front.

There never was any question what America's response would be when the Soviets crossed that line in October of 1962 with Cuba. The world saw quickly again that the sleeping giant was not one to be toyed with and the Soviets backed down. They saw the same revisited during Ronald Reagan's era when all believed that the Soviets were unstoppable and consequently the best counsel of the appeasers was to beg for the best deal that we could muster from the Soviets and tuck tail and slither away.

Reagan and America refused. He saw the reality and he seized the moment in time to force the Soviet hand. He ordered our missiles deployed in Eastern Europe and the Soviets folded. As a result, he not only walked away the winner in Reykjavík and subsequently, but four years later his genius and insight would be witnessed and proved to the world, when the Iron Curtain finally fell on the heals of the collapse of the Soviet Union. And that wall didn't fall from age or faulty construction. It fell because Ronald Reagan and America had eroded the forty plus year foundation of fear that had supported it and held it up and allowed it to exist.

Now America is once again in the midst of one of the most trying times in world history. Islamic fanaticism is on the rise and so is radical Muslim inspired terrorist ideology and theology. And while we face down these new enemies to freedom, there are others who will observe our resolve or lack there of and seize the moments that are provided to them for their own best advantage.

As the rogue nations see Americans draw apart and the nation drawn father and farther into isolation from those who once called us friends in Europe and elsewhere, those like Kim Jong Ilk in North Korea and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran are literally chomping at the bit to see what they can get away with. Especially under the tutelage of an inexperienced and apologetic administration that is more concerned with putting forth it's socialist ideology than it is with the safety or success of it's people.

Mean while, many will attempt to blame the current disorder of the world on the conflicts that rage in the middle east and America's supposed dabbling in the region historically, but the seeds for what we are now witnessing were sown long before the planes crashed into the towers on September 11, 2001 or since. When America and it's allies turned away from the successes that had been obtained by defeating communism on the largest of scales and then set about to busy themselves ignoring the rest of the world's festering problem, the die was literally cast for what we are seeing today.

Sometime in the next week or so North Korea (AKA communist North Korea led by a dictator and tyrant who is starving his own people to death and probably executing people by the thousands weekly) will launch a missile. They claim that it will be a rocket launch. Rockets being vehicles that carry payloads into space. Missiles being vehicles that carry payloads back to earth. But why bother with semantics. He intends to violate international law and UN sanctions that prohibit him and his country from engaging in said activities. But there won't be any cowboy George around this time, to stand up and say "Hey! Wait a minute there little fella! You can't do that and if you do? There are going to be some severe and immediate consequences."

The bottom line is that everyone in the world seems to know and recognize that the North Koreans intend to test a ballistic missile capable of intercontinental range within the next two weeks. The fact that they are hiding their intent behind their supposed peaceful contribution to the global space programs is complete and utter BS. But never mind that. Everyone knows who is the big dog in that end of the playground. Everyone know who has the ships and assets and anti missile missiles in that theater.

And now? Everyone knows that not a damn thing will be done about these latest communist ambitions. Barring official protests at the UN and a few late night phone calls with presumable heavy breathing between diplomats. Aside from that? Nothing will be done and North Korea will be further emboldened and so will the other renegade enemies of America in the world.

William Gates (American Defense Secretary) gave the final game away this morning to the media when he was queried and answered.

Gates: U.S. Not Prepared to Respond to North Korea Missile Launch

The defense secretary told "FOX News Sunday" that the United States can do nothing to stop North Korea from thumbing its nose at the international community by test-firing a long-range missile.

Gates didn't say America wouldn't do anything. He said that "America can do nothing." Now, if anyone knows anything about diplomacy and the buzzwords and attention to language that is parlayed between nations in matters such as this? They might be tempted to invoke that famous acronym of retort "WTF?" Or possibly, "WTF!" Perhaps even add a few more exclamation points for emphasis!!!!!

In his first sixty days in office, Barack Obama has demonstrated time and again that he is a novice at best when it comes to understanding the intricacies of the job of presidency. And as many people attempted to point out back during the presidential race, the White House is no place for on the job training for this inexperienced novice. But we are stuck with him now.

Not that there is any real apprenticeship or journeyman program of preparation for the presidency, but as a rule? Americans have for over two hundred years at the least attempt to find leaders capable of demonstrating leadership and resolve and determination in the face of adversity and conflict or international challenge to American sovereignty. But not now.

Certainly Barack Obama isn't the first time we have missed the mark on those counts when selecting a president, but he is certainly the most dangerous selection to date IMO. Even more so than his predecessor Jimmy Carter. And Carter is the one singly most responsible for Islamic fanaticism in the world today.

Barack Obama's administration and his handling of present American and world crisis'? May very well rival the abject failures of Neville Chamberlain and others who gave the game away while attempting to play high brow parlor games with dictators and tyrants in the 1930's and don't forget, the other big boys on the playground are watching all this play out.

How America handles this situation with North Korea and this renegade missile launch? Will certainly dictate and determine responses and policy from our adversaries the Chinese and the Russians. And it will most certainly lead to more brazen provocations and lines crossed by the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranians. And IMO? It will also go a long way in the immediate future, with how the Israelis and their new president approach the Iranian nuclear threat.

These are dangerous times that we are living in. Far more dangerous that any other point in modern history IMO. And we have a man sitting in the seat of president of the Unitied States, who is handling the position as if it were a roll playing game with a reset button and cheat codes.

For those who failed to note Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's FUBAR with the Russians two weeks ago? There was a lot to be read between the lines politically, diplomatically, physiologically and metaphorically with her little red button incident and who and what inspired it.

Who in the hell in the real world of international policy and statesmanship and diplomacy, offers another country a metaphoric reset button? Other than someone who is approaching his duties and responsibilities as if he is on some kingdom quest for jewels and treasures in a make believe world of roll playing and do overs.

This isn't a game. This is very real and our very lives and livelihoods depend upon decisions made in Washington. And from what I can see of late? We have reached the point where the lunatics are in charge of the asylum. And we put them there.

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