Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Chickens Roosting in The Newsroom

Sun-Times Files For Bankruptcy
Rival Tribune Company Has Been In Chapter 11 Since December 2008

Something that is beginning to concern me, is the seemingly unique American trait of apparent inability to read the writing on the wall. And by newspaper men no less! Could that be due to their lack of formal biblical education and understanding of the book of Daniel? And is this something unique to their industry, or does this malady exist in this country across the board? Or is it something unique to this point in human history and the apparent overt amount of stupidity rampant in otherwise sane and rational people. Which rises to and gives reality and added feel to the term "the dumb-masses" IMO.

What part of this do these stupid ****s that own these newspapers not get? They are collectively at the least five years behind the technological social curve! If not more! In a day and time when cell phones have replaced wrist watches for the telling of personal time by the up and coming masses and Ipod's and Iphones are the current techo gadgets du jour? What part of this did these keen witted newspaper people miss. What is it about Blackberries and personal communication devices geared to the internet and not the sale and coupon pages in the Sunday inserts of newspapers, that these mind brains of print media have missed.

Newspapers are yesterday's news. (Pun intended) And that isn't going to change and no amount of putting lipstick on the pig is going to make the reality more appealing or make these newspapers "more attractive to potential buyers." Short of someone looking to stock a newspaper history museum like perhaps say the Smithsonian? No one is interested in Gutenberg's invention anymore. Hello! Bill Gates passed him up techologically about twenty five years ago now with a gadget called windows office and word!

Small town newspapers will of course continue on (for a while), as people still enjoy picking up the local paper to see and read about their childrens sports teams and local exploits. But these publications too will succumb over the next five years. And the epitaph for big city major dailies has already been written and is over as far as I am concerned. It's just that these editors and former news moguls of the print media either don't see it or they refuse to see it.

Newspapers have gone the way of the Dodo bird and the Mayan and Incan civilizations of old. And someone needs to write their obituary (for them apparently) and move on.

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