Sunday, March 01, 2009

Paul Harvey "Good Day!"

It's not a good day for millions of Americans today. Those who awoke this morning to learn that one of the greats, Paul Harvey was dead. For they now know that there will not be the same joy in this day as there have been in those of the past. No more booming voice through the radio to lighten their days or make them smile.

No more pointed commentaries that rose joyfully but never chagrined those revealed in the stories, by this master story teller of staccato delivery and impassioned deprecation.

I am but one of millions who always found the time to take that extra moment and turn up the volume on the radio, any time that bravado voice boomed through the speakers. As always looking forward to the reveal of the mystery that he was weaving before our ears at that moment.

Now, that bright spot in our days has been forever silenced. All that remains are the memories and the recordings and the feeling of a national loss of one of the great friends of many Americans. I like many will mourn his passing today, but I will also rejoice in the knowledge that Paul is with his Lord and with his beloved wife now and at peace.

Paul's story has ended now, but his memory and the joy that he brought to brighten the days of so many millions of Americans will not easily fade away. Few people make such a large and lasting impression as Paul Harvey has on the hearts and minds of so many Americans.

May his epitaph be that he was always true to his ideals and to his faith and his family and that he sought to bring light into the frequently darkened days on millions of lives here in America. Paul Harvey the rest of the story and now that he has laid down his mortal coil and earthly microphone and ascended to his life's reward, all that is left for us to do is to wish him well and salute him with a resounding any joyous "Good Day!"

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