Saturday, March 28, 2009

The West Yorkshire 200

Or is this the second battle of Thermopylae?

Police identify 200 children as potential terrorists

Drastic new tactics to prevent school pupils as young as 13 falling into extremism

From this morning's Independent:

It would seem that Sir Norman Bettison, (the chief constable of West Yorkshire Police) and Britain's most senior officer in charge of terror prevention (reportedly), might easily be compared to King Leonidas I and his band of Spartans of Greek legend.

Both Bettison and Leonidas being potentially thrust into pitched battles against the invading Persian hordes and certain death and destruction to follow in the wake of the Muslim Xerxes invaders if left unattended. But this time around it is the Islamic fifth column already in their midst that concerns constable Bettison. And there is no pass at Thermopylae this go round where the defenders can make their stand, last or otherwise.

Quite the contrary, the invaders have already landed. Much the same as when the Greeks were invited in by the Trojans during a subsequent period of Greek conflict and for the pittance of a cobbled horse. But that is another part of history and best not confused with the metaphoric telling of this chapter and analogous comparisons between Thermopylae with Yorkshire.

In any event, Chief constable Bettison is afraid that there are at least 200 already in his midst, having previously been groomed by "radicalisers" as he calls them. Possibly doodling and scribbling in their primer books at school. Tell tale signs like pro Al Qaida Graffiti and other such give aways. These of course being evidentiary traits and actions that were missed with the July 7 2005 bombers, but have subsequently and apparently been noted with this group.

And who are these current saboteurs and interlopers and assassins? Well they are the children of Muslim parents living in West Yorkshire (and elsewhere) of course. Or at least some of them are children. Both post and pre-pubescent it would appear, but radicalized none the less and preparing for those swift and fatal blows that will lead to the glorious awakening of Islam in greater Britain it would seem. And constable Bettison is on top of it and pursuing the potential violators to ground.

Bettison has remarked that these may be model citizens and may seem to have been integrated into British society? But surface appearances can apparently be deceiving when dealing with potential terrorists. (You have to hand it to him. Old Bettison is sharp as a tack with the realizations and identifiers) The plan of the police (or scheme as it is called) is for the police to work hand in hand in the community with Muslim leaders, to identify these radicals and their radicalizser mentors apparently.

This plan (scheme) of the police, was apparently first hatched in Lancashire and Lambeth and is now making it's way through the midlands before heading directly into London and the rest of the UK. With the intent being aimed at identifying these "impressionable children" before they can be radicalized by the faith of their fathers.

I particularly liked this part of the scheme:

Once identified the children are subject to a "programme of intervention tailored to the needs of the individual". Sir Norman said this could involve discussions with family, outreach workers or the local imam, but he added that "a handful have had intervention directly by the police".

And God (or Allah) only knows what that handful who were intervened directly by the police must have experienced.

And then followed up by this part of the report.

This is some very good stuff!

He stressed that the system was not being used to target the Muslim community. "The whole ethos is to build a relationship, on the basis of trust and confidence, with those communities," said Sir Norman.

"With the help of these communities we can identify the kids who are vulnerable to the message and influenced by the message. The challenge is to intervene and offer guidance, not necessarily to prosecute them, but to address their grievance, their growing sense of hate and potential to do something violent in the name of some misinterpretation of a faith.

"We are targeting criminals and would-be terrorists who happen to be cloaking themselves in Islamic rhetoric. That is not the same as targeting the Muslim community."

They certainly aren't targeting anything here. They are building ethos on the basis of trust and confidence according to the scheme. (There is that word again). Never the mind, that for this program (programme) to work, these Muslim children must abandon their religious upbringing or at the least allow police authorities to cull the parts of their faith that they might find offensive or dangerous to those non Muslims and practitioners of other faiths and beliefs in the UK.

Anyone else seeing the dichotomy here? Anyone else noting the asinine and insidious trappings of the politically correct once again gone mad? Yet at the same time, these supposed protectors of society? Are once again attempting to masquerade the reality that they themselves know to be the truth. And yet they are hiding it behind the facade of some bizarre form of cobbled together ethos scheme of cooperation with those known to desire their death and everyone else's?

I dare say, you can't have it both ways. You can't have it where these or any other people are allowed to come into your culture while bringing their own, then using it to supplant yours for the benefit of theirs. Then expect them not to adhere to what you have allowed, permitted and encouraged of them to be raised in the midst of. Then seemingly, to turn on a wink and a nod and say well tidy up now! We'll have none of that! As we are all in this together and about doing the right thing and all such as that!

If you believe all that? Then this is more comedy than even Monty Python was capable of assembling for routine consumption a generation ago.

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