Friday, March 20, 2009

Special Olympics? Who Needs Em? We Got The O Man!

There must be a lot of people that woke up this morning wondering what the hell their president was doing last night on the Tonight Show. I know that I was one.

Then I see where he has opened mouth and inserted foot and in doing so, should be in preparation of being lambasted for his gaffe. But that won't happen. The media will brush past this miscue of the messianic quicker than a kid recovering a dropped candy bar on the playground.

They will just as assuredly pick this one up and stick it in their pocket as that kid that hopes no one saw the bungled changing of hands of the precious Baby Ruth that bit the dust.

I have to admit, I didn't lose any sleep waiting for the messianic one to appear from behind Leno's curtains last night. But wasn't it the entertainment coup of the century for Jay? I mean the opportunity to sit across from the president on your your own stage and banter politics and humor and allow him to play straight man to your Tonight Show Writers? That must be right up there with Jay's car collection of sweet moments to be cherished for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, the American people have to be sitting there shaking their heads and wondering what the hell was that?
At least those with more than two cells of gray matter to rub together must be thinking that.

Here is a clue....It's one thing to drop the coat and tie requirement for entrance to the Oval office. It's another thing to schedule regular Wednesday night cocktail parties at the White House for your posse. But to attempt to pitch your policies and questionable leadership skills to the people, while rubbing elbows with Jay Leno and gaffing your way through your appearance in the midst of a crashing economic crisis?

Well that will prove to be a bit more than the average American is willing to stomach in the long run. Especially as the days pass and the reality of the president's failed stimulus and disastrous pick to head the US Treasury continues to lead us down the path to destruction. The American people will fail to see the humor in it period at that point.

I am left to wonder and ponder one thing in the aftermath of last night's ground breaking appearance of President Barack Obama on the Tonight Show. I wonder what Bill Clinton thought and what his read of Obama's push polls will be this morning as a result of his obvious misstep in political gamesmanship and politically incorrect malfeasance.

I think that the master of playing the people (Bill Clinton) has to be chuckling up his sleeve as he reads the reviews this morning. Hell, he may even call Hillary and share the joke with her on TIVO before lunch today.

On a side note....Any other time and especially as it concerns former President Bush? Had George of even approached a politically incorrect gaffe of that magnitude that Obama spake last night, the youtube videos would already number in the thousands with celebratory laughter. As it is? There are several attempts posted presently, by those attempting to show the actual gaffe as Obama made it last night.

Problem is? None of the links are working. Only a small recap by Keith Obermann., who himself has to admit that this was a huge turd of a blunder on the part of the messianic one.

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