Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama's Mustering An Army

I found this to be an interesting news tidbit this morning. Obama having seen the opposition rising daily, to his socialist agenda and in the face of ongoing news reports hammering his inability to table a reasonable plan of action for the economy. Obama has now retreated to seeming amateurish campaign tactics in his attempt to stabilize dwindling support for his budget and social programs.

Problem is? I am not so sure that this newly hatched plan will result in the level of support that he and his advisers might be hoping for to sustain his support base with the people or in congress for that matter. Sending out emails and video links produced by the Obama cheer leading team, are not going to dispel the realities that people are feeling all across this country, as it applies to the economy and their futures each day.

It's job losses and the fear of more job losses that are foremost in the minds of Americans right now, combined with the fear of an uncertain future that our elected leadership seems incapable of understanding.

I am sorry, but the messianic one is going to have to do better than handkerchiefs up sleeves and coins plucked from behind ears of dupes at staged party events (like in Cleveland Ohio this past week) to calm down the rising tide of anticipation that is now turning into desperation on the part of those who now see the man's plans of change for what they truly are.

Partisan politics aside, this economy is what it is and Barack Obama has literally made it his own over the past month, with his policy implementation, cabinet choices and decision making since assuming the office of presidency. He can no longer sit back and take sniping shots at his predecessor, as it is now his actions that are causing the reactions in the markets and the continued failing of the stock market and subsequent job losses. And all of this continues to pile misery on top of misery each day and the people are becoming weary (very weary).

There are those who voted for and elected this man and there are those of us who didn't vote for him, but anticipated at the least, giving their tacit support to his new administration, based upon the realities.and necessities of the common good and moving the country forward. Unlike their opposition of the past eight years, who regardless of need, reality, or self interest chose to oppose President Bush at every turn to the detriment of the nation as a whole.

As the old adage goes, "the time is now arrived to either produce the outcome? Or get off the pot." (to put things nicely but bluntly) And the more that the American people see of this man and his weak decision making and weaker policy implementation, the more that they realize that it his decisions are nothing more than a partisan dream list of socialist adversity during a time of crisis. And as a result, the more people will continue to turn away from supporting him and they will begin openly voicing their opposition to his version of change. And no amount of Black Berry email blasts or video messaging is going to change that.

US President Barack Obama mustered his powerful campaign army on Monday, calling on his millions of supporters to lobby on behalf of his budget and economic plan.

The appeal to back the president was made in an email and video sent out by "Organizing for America," the organization which morphed out of Obama's campaign machinery to push his agenda when he entered the White House.

In the video, Mitch Stewart, the director of Organizing for America, urged the president's supporters to take part in the "Organizing for America Pledge Project."

"The pledge project is an ambitious effort to map out and identify support for President Obama's economic blueprint across towns and communities in America," Stewart said.

"We're doing that by asking people to pledge your support for the broad initiatives outlined in President Obama's economic plan.

"Once you do, we will ask you to build support in your own communities by forwarding this pledge by email, by knocking on doors and by making phone call," he said.

"We will show in every state, in every congressional district the hunger, for leadership and long range thinking that's in too short supply here in Washington."


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