Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oh Goody! They Like US Again

The Brits and Europe are our new best buddies! Imagine that! The past five years they have painted America as the global gangster of the world and not anyone that they (or anyone else for that matter) would want to be associated with. But now? That's all changed! We are bestest friends once again!

I wonder what changed? Was it the election of the messianic one as president of the United States perchance? The announcement of the closing of Guantanamo? Or the presidents retreat away from torture as a supposed US policy? Or perhaps the announcement that America will pull out of Iraq by August 2011? Such confusing times we are living in and I am often puzzled myself. That is why I look with such earnest enthusiasm to any and all Obama-gasms. Or even those from the likes of Gordon Brown or the rest of those beloved and respected leaders (and "friends") in Europe.

But on closer examination? I believe the reality of the changed hearts of late is a lot simpler. Great Britain is in the same fix as the rest of Europe economically. The same Europe that the Brits have been cuddling for the past six years and at the same time the same America that they have been collectively shunning. So what's changed? What's different? Why the big cheery grins and the sudden accolades of collective appreciation for their once again bestest friends the Americans?

I believe the most noticeable difference and the real difference in their most recent approach, is that the UK now sees the writing on the (European) wall. The years of Labour and liberal socialist heresy have finally caught up with them, not to mention their dabbling with membership in the EU and the Euro as a currency. And make no mistake about it, the Brits are in far worse economic shape than we are and far worse economic straights than they are openly admitting to right now. And the worst of it? They are sitting in the clear path of the economic rampage to come. And that rampage is clearly beginning to erupt in eastern Europe as we speak. And they are all too aware of the consequences of a European continent on fire with discontent and what that means for the United Kingdom.

Therefore, Gordon Brown's visit this week was two fold in my belief. First to see if there is any financial assistance that can be forthcoming from America to stave off their imminent collapse. Hence the representation of a need for a "global solution." Which translated represents American money. Isn't that always the case? I mean anytime times get tough, the Europeans always come running to America for bank rolling and handouts.

But there is another motive. Secondly, they are seeking assurance of mutual protection militarily, once the wheels really come off the wagon in Europe and begin rolling towards the British Isles. Or once the Iranians and the Israelis lock horns and the missiles begin raining down all across Europe.

So no, according to Gordon Brown, we "now have the most pro American European leadership in living memory."

I wonder what Winston Churchill would have thought of that reflection. Or Charles Degaulle for that matter. I am sorry, but these are the same people....Britain, France, Germany, and the rest, who have lambasted and attacked this country unmercifully for the past five years. What idiots we were! For having elected George Bush and having protected ourselves and our families and interests against Islamic Fanaticism!

Meanwhile they all reveled at the potential that America was in decline and failing as a global super power. The same global super power that had on more than one occasion, pulled their individual and collective fat out of the fire. But never mind all that. Happy days are here again! America has a more palatable leader now and besides, there are evil clouds on the horizon once again and we really need their (America's) help (protection).

On a different note....Gordon Brown won't survive the year as the PM of the UK. The drums of political change are already in motion and a general election will be called within the year. Look for the BNP to gain significant MP positions and a turning away from liberal democrats and Labour across the board in the UK.

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