Thursday, March 26, 2009

A follow Up on Daniel Hannan Via Glenn Beck

This man is a spot on with what is wrong with the UK and America for that matter.

"You are making things worse....but you are starting from a better position."

"yeah....I love this show. I wish we had TV like this in the UK, you would never get a question like that on the BBC"

Are there any questions or wonders why the liberal angst media is going after Glenn Beck so viciously of late? He never was that big of a problem while he was entombed over at CNN. But now that he has been released upon the nation via FOX and it's demonstrated intent to "let him roll?" Well the liberal media elite is just having a hissy fit over Glenn and his newly found audience. More so that the people are watching and listening to him in droves!

And his bringing those like MEP Daniel Hannan of the UK before the American people and exposing the British system to the American people are just the most recent examples of why Glenn's audience is going exponential daily and gaining more and more of a following.

Watch this interview of Daniel Hannan. What a joy to see real journalism at work.

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Anonymous said...

Something isn't right but I haven't nailed it yet...

read //

and then the Soro's connections



On the surface, am I seeing these two playing both sides of the fence in a good cop, bad cop kind of relationship. What end result are they going for, ideology, greed, what?