Friday, March 06, 2009

US vs. Them. What are the Differences?

When looking at the differences between us and our British cousins, it may often appear on the surface that there is not a lot of difference between the two. But the British are way farther down the rabbit hole than we have even begun to imagine or realize here. Take public policy and public officials as a for instance. A secretary of anything in this country, would be accompanied by security and advanced planning that would prohibit anyone from attempting such an attack, juvenile or otherwise.

But to think....this is modern day Britain. A veritable closed society of omnipresent government prying eyes on every corner. CCTV cameras outnumber people in the UK and their health and safety councils are rampant to insure that no injury occurs to anyone, regardless of how mundane. Yet when it comes to their politicians and leaders, the British act as if there is nothing but commonality and anything goes when it comes to expressing your politically correct opinion.

Notice, after assaulting a member of the British government? The assailant makes a few remarks about her cause, then casually walks away and goes for her interview around the corner. Still not police or security investigation of the attack. No attempt is made to intercede or detain or arrest the attacker, as apparently there was no one present to enforce the laws or who cared for that matter. But never fear, I am sure that more than one of those CCTV cameras captured the moment and the officials from the Queen's prosecution office will be around soon, to interview this little lady and determine if her concerns as expressed are warranted. And remember, these are the same people that willingly gave up their guns and turned over their complete security and future to a government, that can't even protect it's own officials and office holders. Meanwhile, I guess Gordon Brown will be catching up on his American films and playing with toy helicopters on his flight home from meeting with the messianic one. And hoping to avoid a green custard reception when he arrives back home.

And what of the Lord Mandelson? Well he had a meeting to attend and carbon credits to discuss and after all, he looked no less for the wear, aside from the rather shabby attire that was thrown together for him after he was soiled so. Lord Mandleson certainly didn't seem to mind.

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