Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Is Your Personal Crisis Coming Along

As the American and global economic crisis has developed over the past year? How have you done? There was a time when not that many people were "in" the stock market and before that? There was a time when not that many people owned their own homes.

That's right....imagine that! Well actually, you don't have to imagine. All you have to do is look back to 1929 and the "great depression." And you will see that those who lost their ass in the great market crash of 1929 were actually relatively few. the problem came from the trickle down effect that it had on everyone else.

And there in lies the problem and the reality IMO and in my experience. I am "in" the stock market, as are millions of other Americans. We are "in" the stock market not as major players or major investors, but as members of collectives and pension funds. We were told the best way to insure our futures and our retirements was to "get in the game" and get vested in stock investments via our retirement plans.

I for one remember a few years ago when the Enron debacle hit. Tens of thousands of people lost their life savings and their futures when Enron tanked and was shown to be cooking the books. But these were the fools were the ones who put all their eggs in one basket and weren't diversified. Right? Well apparently not. Especially if you have been watching your own 401K or other retirement account over the past year.

It would seem that it made no difference who's basket you kept your eggs in. They are all swimming in broken egg shells and scrambled eggs right now. And those responsible? Well we are told that the culprits are big banks and big Wall Street firms who took advantage of the people's money. But is that what really happened? Or were the people once again betrayed by those supposedly charged with protecting our interests?

I say it was the latter.

Surely, there are those on Wall Street and on the boards of these big banks who have gotten well from the fattened and now slaughtered calf America, but were they not allowed and encouraged by those who were sworn to protect us? that's right people....there are those who were sworn to protect us. Were they soldiers or policemen asleep at the gates? Certainly not! Our police and military swear oaths and promise to protect and serve both the people and the constitution.

But guess what? So do our "elected representative!" That's right! Your congressman and your senator and your governor and your mayor and your council member and country board manager? They have all sworn allegiance to you and promised to protect you and your interests.

And you know what? They have long abandoned their promises and obligations and sought instead to enrich themselves at your expense. And you and I have both permitted and encouraged it by our collective failure to respond and react and throw the bastards out!

The news is filled daily with the stories of those who have made it and those who have made out and those who will survive while you and I are left with the dregs of reality to wonder whether or not we and ours will survive all this. There was a time when i would have argued that regardless of how bad it gets or how bad it seems? The interlopers in congress and the White house would never destroy the entire country over ideology. They could never bring themselves to do that, because to do so would mean the imminent end of their own existence.

But that is exactly the point where we as a society have arrived. We as a nation are sitting here quietly watching our nation bled to death by special interests and those committed to our demise and we are doing absolutely nothing about it.

George Soros is now celebrating his good fortune. after predicting the demise of the American capitalist system and doing everything in his power to expedite it? He has seen it come to pass and he knows that he was significantly involved in it coming to pass. And he is bragging about it! He made almost three billion dollars by betting against America and playing the system to bring it down. and now? He is quite proud of himself.

Check the headlines this morning and you will see how Soros and others have gleefully reaped billions on the daily demise of what was once a prosperous America. So as i asked at the beginning of this is your own personal crisis coming along these days? How is your 401K and your retirement investments? What about your savings and your purchasing power in the present current of economic flux and uncertainty?

But never fear...President Obama (AKA the messianic one) is going to rescue you. He promised you change after all and change is what eh intends to deliver. And with the help of those like George Soros and others? You have to know that it's only a matter of time before everything has changed.

Now, whether that is for the better? Well I guess I will just leave that up to you to decide. But in the interim? If you are interested in seeing first hand how you have been had and taken to the cleaners? Have a read of this article.

Then just look around and watch as this story continues to shake out over the next several months.

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