Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Speech You Never Heard

Ever wonder about speeches that you never hear? Speeches that are given, that somehow don't make it past the media's editorial boards and video cutting rooms?

Well here is one that was given on inauguration day in Washington, by none other than Tiger Woods. In celebration of America's military and those who serve their service and their country proudly. Including his own father. Where he learned at the knee of the man who would later in life teach him the game of golf, but first, he had to teach him three important words. Duty, honor country.

Tiger Woods was obviously selected by the inauguration committee to be one of their all star celebrities to speak at prominent events around Washington the day of President Obama's inauguration. But for some strange reason, Tiger's moving speech and words of tribute for our military and those who serve, never made it past the audience in attendance.

Ever wonder why that is.

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