Thursday, March 19, 2009

Payback Time For AIG? Or Pay Up Time For America

Shepherd Smith was the only person yesterday (short of myself and and many others on the sidelines and absent a public means of addressing the people) who saw this congressional ploy and abject drama for precisely what it was and what it is as it concerns the AIG bonuses and congress' actions. Both before and subsequent to the AIG revfelations.

Today the headlines are blaring the question of whether it is time for AIG to pay up. I it time for the American people to pay up. I say it is time for the American people to get a crash course and an expensive lesson in their history and in American civics and the constitutional law that applies to this epic error of conciousness and legislative irresponsibility.

It has been a known fact for quite some time that the average American is and has been lacking in the requisite knowledge of their own history and how the government is supposed to function. And now the truth has finally caught up with the dire reality IMO.

The US Constitution is the governing foundation of all law that exists in this country. Without it we as a nation are nothing and our laws mean absolutely nothing. It is absolutely amazing to me, that the founding fathers could have crafted so rich and deep of a document in a time when quill pens and candles were the standard of creative thinking brought forth to craft such a document.

Jefferson and Payne and Franklin and the rest knew all too well what would happen if two things were allowed to come to pass in this fledgling nation. The first danger being the creation of a federal bank and the second being the danger of a mob rule democracy. And to those ends and very real dangers, the founding fathers crafted the first two and most important amendments to the "peoples bill of rights" in the US Constitution.

The right to speak, the right to religious faith and freedom, the right to redress and petition the government and probably more important than the other three combined, the right of the people to resist and oppose any tyranical government that arose as a result of future generational apathy.

IMO, we have now come full circle from the time that the document and it's authors first envisioned what this nation would be and what it would become. We now stand at the precipice of abject failure and we do so for no other reason than apathy, fear and purposely instilled ignorance and stupidity.

What congress has proposed as it concerns the present created debacle with AIG, is nothing short of ex post facto legislation to attempt to cover the tracks of a failed legislative body. But combined with that are the clear and easily recognized foundations for what is nothing less than a bill of attainder.

Now here is the reality my friends. Here is the lesson to be relearned. "bills of attainder are specifically forbidden by Article I, section 9, clause 3 of the United States Constitution." As are ex post facto legislation of any kind, that attempt to rewrite the law after the fact! Yet that is precisely what Madamn Pelosi and the rogue band of socialist democrats in congress are attempting before our eyes!

Perhaps this is what it takes for the people of this country to be awakened from their ignorance and their decades of sleep while their rights and heritage have been stolen from them. I for one sincerely hope that if nothing else comes of this crisis, that Americans are finally forced to look at the nitty gritty and the inner workings of this country and who has been elected to represent it.

Heaven help us all if the present lunacy is allowed to stand and the people simply accept it as a means to expedite and satiate their individual and personal craven desires. If that happens and if this travesty of congress is allowed to pass as constitutional legality? Then IMO we are already past any point of reclaimation and we deserve what we have brought forth upon ourselves.

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