Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Camel's Nose And Your Tent

Anyone else feeling the draft? I mean other than me?

If there ever was a parallel of the camel's nose under the tent, then what President Barack Obama is now proposing to congress is the nearest contemporary example of in the story that I have ever witnessed in real life.

The Obama administration will call for increased oversight of executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies as part of a plan to overhaul financial regulation, the New York Times reported.

It hasn't been a week since the calamity of the AIG bonuses and how congress and the White House intends to repossess what they have represented to the American people as the ill gotten gains of Wall Street. But what was actually accomplished via the congressional device of emergency legislation to supposedly "recover" taxpayer funds? Was in essence a true life travesty and bastardization of the American constitution personified!

In my opinion? What we are seeing employed by the Pelosi led congress and the Obama captained White House, is a series of devices designed to open the flood gates to the complete financial destruction of capitalism in America. (and globally for that matter).

Forget about the billions and trillions in bailouts to date and whether the big three auto makers will survive through the summer, or if Wall Street banks and brokers and fortune 500 countries can weather this storm and prevail period.

The entire hen house of capitalism and golden eggs and those who produce them is under full scale assault and attack by the socialist now in control of America's presidency and legislative branch. Which leaves only one of the three checks and balances created by the founding fathers even to attempt to address and thwart that which is presently afoot under the cover of elected representation and democracy in Washington.

Barack Obama and the rest of the rogues gallery now serving themselves to America's bounty are after it all my friends. And they intend to get it in a series of fatal swoops while the American electorate is distracted and concerned about the trivial and mundane. They intend to inflict mortal wounds to this nation while most Americans are watching the talking heads of collaborative media explain to them how everything is going to get better, just wait and see.

And the thieves currently skulking the halls of congress and the White House are using the credo of brazen and polished thievery in the process. Why come in under cover of darkness and attempt surreptitiously, what can best be accomplished by bold strokes and broad daylight armed robbery!

Adolf Hitler succeeded with these tactics of power play by attacking of established institutions by his acclimation of asserted rights for the people. And so have many of the other dictators and rulers of world history. All that was required for them to succeed was a mentally weakened populace and a catalyst crisis and a seeming answer man with charisma and bold promises.

And from where I sit? The levers and pins of the clockwork are once again falling into place for a generational crisis of momentous and global proportions.

But I may be wrong. There may be plenty of cake for all just over the horizon. After all....the cheese makers have promised it.

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