Sunday, March 22, 2009

The New American Tea Party And Your Future

For those who have been paying attention, there is a rising level of anger all across this nation of late. More so in the past six months in my experience than at any other time in recent memory. And the tempo of that anger has risen even higher in the weeks that have passed since the installation of our new president.

I truly believe that a good many Americans were duped into thinking than Barack Obama represented change for this country. but more importantly, I believe that a good many Americans believed that simply changing political philosophies in congress and the White House, would lead to dramatic reversals of the fortunes that everyday Americans saw creeping into their lives late last year.

Well that hasn't happened and personally I don't believe that it is going to happen. While there are those that believe that George Bush used the crisis of terrorism in America to take this country in a direction that it didn't deserve to go? I for one along with many others now know and realize that Barack Obama is now taking this country in a far worse direction that it definitely doesn't need to go.

He has and is using the economic crisis and recession as a spring board to justify the socialist expansion of government on a scale that has never been seen in this country before. Not even during FDR's new deal was the federal government expanded to the point that we are seeing now. And again during Lyndon Johnson's administration of the supposed great society, we never saw the mad rush of conversion and spending that we are presently witnessing coming out of Washington daily.

And I am here to tell you, that when you see the sitting members of congress and those in the media hardly blinking an eye over legislation that they know is in direct conflict with the US Constitution and patently illegal on it's face? Then it is time that the average American had better sit up and take notice. And more importantly, they had better sit up and take action. And they had better take that action soon. The AIG debacle of the past two weeks is just the most recent example of a system of government and management that has gone completely awry.

Congress knew what they were doing when they passed the stimulus package with the AIG bonuses included as did the White House. And they are now in the midst of nothing less than a power grab, they are enacting punitive legislation, designed solely and specifically to punish one group and retroactively change the law after the fact. Both actions being clearly prohibited by the US Constitution!but far worse and far more sinister IMO? It appears that this may have been a set up in preparation for the intended action.

Something needs to be done and the people of this country need to get involved doing it now IMO. If this AIG mess adn the subsequent punitive legislation imposed this week are by design as I believe them to be? Then you can count on more of the same spilling forth from the Obama dam in the weeks adn months to come. This nation will be taken head long into one perceived crisis after another and each time we will be told by congress that the best solution will be the implementation of further and further erosion of American rights and freedoms.

There are two movements afoot right now in this country that I whole heartedly endorse. One is Glenn Beck's "9/12 Project," a link to which can be found under the blog listings on this blog. The second is "The New American Tea Party" movement. Whose concept is fairly self explanatory IMO. At least for those of us who were properly taught our history before we saw our children taught to apologise for it.

I am including the links to The New American Tea Party here and I encourage all who visit this page and muse through my meanderings, to at the least peruse their pages and information. And then hopefully consider becoming part of the solution to our salvation, as opposed to sitting on the sidelines and continuing to watch the demise of this nation.

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