Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ice Station Zebra ReDeux?

Russia plans to create Arctic military force

Straight from the pages of the present, comes the news that the Russians are wising up to the global game of oil reserves. and the fact that there stands to be an entire "undiscovered country" of oil reserves beneath the polar ice cap just to their north.

A place that has always been inhospitable and unforgiving and before now, nothing of any great interest to any of the world powers. Each has from time to time sent their science projects to the Arctic, but none were interested in or hoping to exploit either military or natural resources advantages over the others in the northern hemesphere.

But now? All of that appears to have changed. We are literally on the cusp of a real life "Ice Station Zebra" showdown scenario between two or more of the world powers in the northern hemisphere. Russia and America. Which should raise the question rightfully so, "if the super powers go after each other in their oil rush to the Arctic? Then where does that leave the rest of the world and who is left to claim the Antarctic?

Meanwhile, the stage is being set for a conflict of titans between America and the Russians over the militarization of the Arctic. And while lines are being drawn on the ice shelf and each country's assets are being pushed farther into the great white north to stake claims, there are others like the Canadians, (Canada says will defend its Arctic) who rightfully believe that they too have a vested interest in their border and their own natural assets bordering on the Arctic.

Right now? My money is on us and the Canadians. I think we are far better situated to cooperate adn get what needs to be gotten from a joint venture.

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