Monday, March 16, 2009

Selling Your Soul to The Devil

The metaphor has been with us for eons. Probably dating back to the recounting of the biblical tale of the serpent and the ultimate price exacted of Adam and Eve for a momentary pleasure in the garden of Eden.

But is there a realistic equivalent of selling your soul to the devil? Either directly or by proxy? Whereby an agreement or contract by which once entered into? There is no retraction and the error of your desire or greed is manifest everyday thereafter, as a day in and day out never ending reminder that your own self determination literally no longer belongs to you.

Well IMO? There is an existent state where that is very much the reality. It's a state where your individual self determination, both independently and collectively is taken and stripped away permanently.

What could this unique state of existence be you ask? It's relatively simple in principle and it has been with us in America since the early part of the 20th century. It's called "government money."

Pretty simple really. The government has the money? And if you want any of it? Then you have to dance to the tune that the imperial federal government plays for the benefit of taking their money. And the concessions for ever having taken that money in the first place can be permanent and irrevocable.

Hence the present dilemmas being played out right now in the news, as it concerns Obama's stimulus and TARP funds being dangled before the American people as the end all answer to their present misery and worries.

On the surface? The money may look good. It may appear as a way or possibly the only way to sustain ourselves or stay afloat locally. but the reality is much more dire. a number of republican governors have literally been looking the government mule gift horse in the mouth and balking at accepting stimulus funds. And they are balking because they see the long term costs and consequences of accepting the gift horse that the federal government wants to saddle them with.

And today it looks like a number of the banks, from Bank of America to WElls Fargo and more than a few others, are looking for a way to give back the TARP funds that they have already received, as it appears that the strings that go along with the funding are literally more than these independent banks are prepared to swallow.

The problem is? The people back at home? From those in the state house to those in the corporate board rooms? Well they never really pay attention to the special interests and socialists motivators who are drawing up these funding bills. and consequently, they don't pay attention to the long term obligations and loss of individual and states rights that are given away every time they sign off on accepting one of these federally funded bailouts or subsidies.

But they are learning..

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