Friday, March 20, 2009

The Hero of Haditha.... NOT!

For those who may not remember, in November of 2005 there were a number of Iraqi civilians killed, when United States Marines responded to being fired upon and ambushed by a roadside IED which killed one Marine and wounded two others.

The Marines responded accordingly to the attack as they had been trained and according to the rules of engagement and the incident was properly reported to the chain of command in theater, but subsequently a reporter for Time magazine leveled unsubstantiated charges of murder and a military cover up against the Marines involved in the incident.

And before a proper military investigation could even be initiated to look into the allegations, much less completed or adjudicated fairly or properly, US congressman John Murtha (D Pa.) (a former US Marine colonel), branded the eight US Marines involved as murderers. This incident and Murtha's allegations were played out for weeks and months in the media.

Mean while the investigation took almost three years to conclude.

The investigation into the allegations and the initial courts martial of all charged have subsequently been concluded. Charges were filed against the Marines involved and all charges have subsequently been dropped and dismissed against all Marines involved and originally accused in this scandalous prosecution of our warrior heroes. Reason? The Marine Corps had no case to support court marshaling these Marines period!

But to this day, John Murtha has neither retracted his original allegations or apologized to these Marines that he condemned, for his snap judgments and unsupported allegations of murder against these Marines and the entire United States Marine Corps.

And IMO by default, against all who have ever worn the uniform of a United States Marine. (present company included)

And now the kicker.

11:58 pm Eastern

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Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa.

The U.S. Navy awarded U.S. Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., its Distinguished Public Service Award, triggering an Internet campaign to have Navy Secretary Donald C. Winter withdraw it.

Murtha, who publicly accused U.S. Marines of cold-blooded murder in a firefight in Haditha, Iraq, and was caught on camera in the Abscam scandal appearing to negotiate a bribe, was honored by the Navy for his "selfless devotion to the Nation's Sailors and Marines."

The award credits him with making sure the military services "were provided the resources necessary to effectively conduct the Global War on Terrorism."

"His courageous leadership, vision, and loyalty to the men and women of the Department of the Navy greatly contributed to their quality of life and helped create the most modern and highly trained fighting force in history," the honor said.

As I have mentioned elsewhere today...."travesty" is not a big enough word to adequately cover the actions and accusations of congressman John Murtha in the Haditha incident.

Traitor is the word that comes to my mind. Specifically, giving aid and comfort to the enemies of this country. Via his direct and indirect support of those who regularly opposed and attempted to kill Marines like those who stood accused by the same John Murtha.

Impeachment is another word that comes to my mind when I hear the name John Murtha.

Specifically.....all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors ."

John Murtha is a walking high crime and misdemeanor in my opinion and I ask that all who become aware of this travesty of award by the US Navy, please challenge this award to John Murtha. And ask instead that he be given what he truly deserves, which is the condemnation and utter disdain of the American people.

Sign the petition currently circulating here:

And write your senators and congressmen and the secretary of the Navy and demand that this award be rescinded immediately.

Semper Fidelis to all who have served and honored their service and their country by wearing the eagle, globe and anchor honorably!

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CODGER said...

Things are just the same in the U.K. And it must be remembered at all times when dealing with Politicians. Politicians are by nature AMMORAL And can't differenciate between right and wrong. Many years ago. I visited the Palace of Westminster. (A political Asylumn) To meet John Prescot. (The later DEputy Prime Minister) And he actually admitted that. "Don't believe anything that I say in the papers, T.V. or on the radio. It's merely political Rhetoric". Probabley the only true words ever spoken by a politician. (I will treasure these words for ever. Because of their rare value.) On the same day. In a private meeting with a spokes man.(Spokesperson???) For the Labour party. I was told. "Even though I'm on your side? (Oh yes) I will still lie to you. Simply because it's easier to lie." So that's politics.