Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Truth About Obama's Lies on Health Care

This is a piece that I am firing off of my own volition. no article to inspire my thoughts or programming that caused me to contemplate it. Just a recent revelation based upon personal experience and a clarity of reasoning.

I had my annual physical last month and I remember thinking at the time, that I needed to go ahead and get that out of the way on two counts. First, it is something that needs to be tended to regularly, secondly with the current state of affairs with our economy and health care in general? I may not be able to get another one any time soon.

So I scheduled the appointment in December and had the physical in January. Everything as it always is and is expected to be during the course of one of these things, except that this time there was a difference.

It seems since last year, that my doctor's practice has gone completely computer assisted. No more paper charting except for brief files for reference. Everything is now entered on a laptop or portable PC right in the exam room. All of your information and all of everything else as they may observe it, soon finds it's way to the digitized world of their computers. Which under normal circumstances wouldn't be all that big of a problem.

After all, they passed that federal law several years ago governing patient confidentiality; therefore, all of our records are safe and secure right? Well not exactly it would seem. And regardless of what the HIPAA act of 1996 promised each of us concerning our privacy? There is a large and looming reality approaching us all, compliments of President Barack Obama and his plans to improve American health care.

Remember, part of his grandiose stimulus bill and recovery planning, involves the health care system and the billions to be supposedly saved by computerizing all medical records. Billion he says will be saved and God can only imagine how many trees will be spared from the fate of being turned into paper as a result of this grand scheme.

But there is a far more sinister reality afoot as I learned during my physical. When the nurse practitioner came into the room with her little computer, she did so under the auspices of updating my medical files. Which one would assume would naturally mean my "medical files." But the questions that I was asked, had little to do with my medical history. They already had all of that anyway, but they wanted more it seemed.

They wanted to know my marital status and things like whether or not I was still employed and with who. How many children I had and a myriad of other questions that to me appeared to be ambiguous at the least, but then came the reality bomb.

"Do you have any firearms in your home."

That was like a shot right between the eyes to my sensibilities. I instantly saw where all this was going and the point behind this absurd computerized questionnaire.

Of course they would protect my personal medical records from all prying eyes! Even from my family and right up to the point where they would allow me to die for the sake of my medical privacy! But when it comes to the hidden agendas of an ever increasing and omnipresent government bent on social and socialist agendas? The reality becomes clear. There version of the information age is literally Orwellian.

Why would they want to know about firearms in my home? Was this something that might cause some bizarre syndrome or illness? As part of my informational medical profile was this important information? There can be only one answer to those questions in my opinion and I don't think that you have to be a mind brain to figure out the purpose behind this supposed updating and computerization of all Americans medical files.

I refused to answer the questions and I immediately seized and demanded to know why and for what purpose was I being queried on these points of literal privacy. Of course the nurse was speechless and incapable of doing anything other than stuttering and stammering and tendering apologetic answers that answered nothing but revealed much.

So when you next find yourself being examined and asked questions by the American medical system, be it for your physical in your doctor's office, or in an emergency room, or even in the back of an ambulance. Just remember, big brother is watching you and inquiring minds want to know. And they are interested in far more than what your health history is or your vital signs.

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