Sunday, March 15, 2009


Relativism....and my opinion of it.

I began considering that this morning as I contemplated a posting on my friend Rick's blog "Brutally Honest." The premise presented was...."relativism is popular because it is easy." And the accompanying commentary seemingly supported that premise.

So off I went on my own personal examination of the premise and my own personal feelings and experiences as it concerns relativist theory. I wanted to see just how close the representations was to my own perception of relativism as opposed to the representation.

Specifically, the premise of "socialist relativism" and what that means and represents to contemporary America under the present day socialist revision and my own interpretation of it in that context. Relativism is probably the largest interjection of purposely initiated pointless angst, spurious misrepresentations and outright falsehoods ever perpetrated on our world to date IMO.

Yet the search for relativism seemingly drives the very existence of millions of people in this country daily. Not to mention a healthy academic cottage industry with socialism at the systemic foundation of all academic considerations of the supposedly enlightened relativist mind. I say that it seemingly drives the people in this country? Because I seriously doubt that our brothers in humanity (outside of the western conclaves of multicultural relativism and socialist academia), have ever seriously given a rat's ass of thought to the consequences of belly button lint, or the myriad of other supposed social crisis' that flood the conscious thought processes of the relativist and his real life mentors the academic political socialist revolutionaries daily.

I myself have spoken and lectured (privately) of the dangers of what relativism is and what it represents to all who might listen and learn over the years, but I am no academic. I have equally preached against socialism and it's demonic pull and drag on the otherwise reasoned minds of otherwise sane individuals for most of my awakened life, but I am no clergyman.

I have railed against relativism and it's socialist birth right of secular division and derision, but I am no politician. I have revealed the social relativist and demonstrated the corrupting vice of relativist thinking for precisely the depth of danger that it represents to all of mankind who will listen. Yet it remains as one of the recurring lies absent of truth sprung before our eyes repeatedly and endlessly and as if some surrealist and never ending loop of nonsequitur consciousness propels it along and into our lives as absolute fact.

Mean while, I am but one small squeak in the background noise of the big bang that we seem to think represents all collective and reasoned thinking in this country.

In the limited world of my own non relativist comprehension and in my own inconsequential existence, I have absolutely no need or requirement for what I will call the "uber-existentialism" that ravages the minds of most supposed learned and sentient beings in America today.

I don't mentally languish needlessly in the self created mire of worry and apprehension that many seem to willingly and daily heap upon themselves in the form pf perceived social injustice. These things of philosophical mezmerization simply don't worry or concern me like the do others; therefore, my own ignorance must truly be bliss, because I absolutely refuse to be weighted down with the meaningless drama of relativist angst over being..

An example:

If a tree falls in the woods? And no one is there to hear it? Does it make a sound? This question has been labored by the uber-existentialist for eons. And yet the simplicity of the reality seems to continue to propel the paradox of non thinkers, as if this is some mind shaking and earth shattering question that must decisively be determined once and for all. Before the collective mind of mankind turns into mush and the entire planet implodes as a result.

While I would maintain that the collective mind of man has already turned into mush and one of the main reasons and primary examples of the human mush mind? Is the consistent brooding over uber-existentialism and the pointless ramblings of the relativist socialist who generate all the angst to begin with!

The correct answer to the question of the "Matrix" dilemma of whether to take the blue or red pill of relativism, is and always has been......."who gives a shit!" It's not real! It's a purposely fabricated illusion, for the single greatest motive of attempting to justify socialism as a realistic alternative to common sense and reason!

The relativist socialist matrix world is a man made creation of the mind and it represents absolutely nothing more than the drama that it was intended to create in the first place as a diversion from reality. Yet it's existence as an analogy serves to illustrate clearly the thought patterns and misfired synapses of the "uber-existentialist" IMO. They truly belief that they exist in some paralell universe and that the rest of us are mentally cocconed in an alternate reality from which they must rescue us.

What will change by knowing that which is pointless to know? What will not change by knowing or not knowing that which is pointless to know or not know? Is there a point to knowing all things irrelevant philosophically? Is there a point where one literally becomes one with the Keano Reeves' character Neo and understand the real meaning of life?

I for one don't think so. And aside from the depths of depravity that some people's minds seem to be more than comfortable operating in, I am quite sure that I don't care to share their existentialism, uber or otherwise.

There are plenty of things happening in this world daily to concern and scare the shit out of me, without me having to create dilemmas in my mind over what is in essence adolescent fiction and drama or adult roll playing games at best.

Relativism isn't popular because it is easy. Relativism has been popularized because it appears to give meaning to the otherwise meaningless ramblings of a pseudo supposed social consciousness.

Relativism is nothing more than an alternative to the reasoned mind and the human spirit that dwells in all of us but is ignored. All of us who have not been so completely and thoroughly corrupted by the secular world of denial of our own creation and of our maker, know the answers and we understand the point when the questions being asked are both pointless and dangerous.

So no...I don't dwell on the socialist and arcane meanderings of those like Saul Alinsky or Ward Churchill and the endless list of others like minded throughout history. I don't concern myself with or lose sleep over the convoluted queries of whether the depraved mind of a homicide bomber was created though lack of a two parent upbringing or a proper nurture versus nature environment as a child.

It is enough for me to know that his useless life has been expended in the only meaningful way possible for one so absent any presence of a spark of humanity.

Likewise, I find myself at peace contemplating the untimely demise of all who would similarly attempt to deprive me or mine our lives based upon the sublime visions of the practitioners of Allah and the 72 virgins.

I tend to think more of them and their faith as Ali Babba and the 400 million thieves. Those who would just as soon take our lives and in doing so, be not even gracious or appreciative that the relativist and the socialist among us had expedited their victory and our defeat in their be half.

So to answer the uber-existentialist and the social relativist and their curiosity concerning my thinking on the matter of relativism?

"What would happen if you pitched an uber-existentialist and a socialist relativist off the Empire State building at the same time? And which would hit the ground first?"

Survey says! Who Cares!

Praise be to Allah that they would quickly transition to their next level of existential entitlement. And let there be no worry here among the living concerning either their own future journey, or our work in expediting their future journey to their brothers and sisters!

As for me and my part? And the relativism of my reality?

I am just keeping it only as real as I know it to be.

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