Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Obama Loses Round One With The Russians

Madrid/Washington - Russian President Dmitri Medvedev on Tuesday showed willingness to discuss the US-planned missile defence system opposed by Moscow, but without "haggling" linking it to Iran. Medvedev was commenting during a visit to Spain on an alleged offer by US President Barack Obama to halt the defence system if Iran could be convinced to give up nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.


While everyone is waiting to see how all this works out with the economy? Maybe we should periodically take a peek at our friends the Russians.

The reports yesterday were that Obama had made an overture toward the Russians. Offering them his promise to drop the American missile shield program in eastern Europe, provided the Russians helped us out a bit with the problematic Iranians and their nuclear ambitions.

Well, it looks like that ploy of messianic diplomacy has gone bust. The Russians have no intention of negotiating with the new American president. They know that they don't have to. We have been sufficiently weakened by the democrats over the past seven years, that the Russians realize that our economy and lack there of, has now taken us out of the global game of super power.

Medvedev and Putin must be smiling over their vodkas these days, as they gaze west and watch the glow of the fires that are burning on the horizon.

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