Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who is Responsible? I Say We Deserve What We Tolerate

Is there enough blood in the water yet? Can the average American determine who is at fault and who is responsible for this cataclysmic mess yet? Or does the stench have to rise higher in the nostrils for the fetid reality to become clear?

Tim Geithner has been the wrong man for the job from the beginning IMO. But then again? So has the messianic one Barack Obama. But then again, no one has ever had reason to listen to me before either way.

So how much longer is it going to take before the wheels come completely off the wagon and the American economy crashes. At a time when Americans badly need leadership in Washington from the top down, all we are getting from our elected officials is song and dance and socialist malarkey and finger pointing by democrat socialist, hell bent on punishing this country and it's citizens.

Rome is burning and our present incarnation of Nero (Obama) is fiddling away at a maddening pace. Representative Mack is absolutely correct. We need to jettison this bird Tim Geithner right now and Obama needs to stop the socialist inspired merry go round and implement realistic policies designed to save this country first, then determine who gets credit for it later. And trust me, there is more than enough blame to plaster both sides.

Rep. Mack Calls for Geithner to Resign or Be Fired Over AIG Bonuses

Florida Republican Rep. Connie Mack called for Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner to lose his job Wednesday, becoming the first Capitol Hill lawmakers to call for his ouster over AIG's using tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for executive bonuses.

"Quite simply, the Timothy Geithner experience has been a disaster. The Treasury Department is in disarray. Taxpayer dollars are being wasted. America's economy hangs in the balance. America needs and deserves a treasury secretary who can truly lead us forward," Mack said in a written statement.

He called on Geithner, the former New York Federal Reserve chief, either to resign or be fired, and said President Obama should nominate a new secretary with "the experience and leadership skills America deserves."

I am sorry, but I have seen absolutely nothing from Tim Geithner that either inspires me or gives me any hope of seeing a reversal of American economic fortunes anytime in the next four weeks or four years. And neither have I been inspired by the goings on of our newly minted president and his socialist surge to utilize crisis as the axle grease to implement socialism on a scale not seen before or since FDR.

As I type this, congress is grilling Edward Liddy CEO of AIG and attempting to make nothing short of a grandstand play with public opinion over the recently revealed 165 million in AIG bonuses. Of course they are trying to portray the debacle as gross mismanagement by AIG. But what of the gross mismanagement of the people's business by the likes of congress? And specifically the democrats in congress who have been hell bent on punishing the American people for the past two years since they regained majority control?

It was Chris Dodd who made sure that the language in the bailout bill provided for these bonuses to be paid! Is there no one who sees this or is aware of the record and who was and is responsible for all this?

And now the most corrupt congress in the history of this country stands ready to pass legislation crafted by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and others, to literally impose a 100% confiscation tax on all monies paid to AIG executives after they (the democrats) were the ones that provided for it to happen in the first place!

Who will these brown shirt democrats come after next? This drama is literally bordering on a compilation of 1984 and Animal Farm and Atlas Shrugs all rolled into one!

God help us!

And Hallelujah! Shepherd Smith just nailed it on Fox! He pointed the right fingers and named the names today! He knows that this hearing is a sham and that the accusers are in fact the criminals who caused all this to begin with!

But will the people awake from their coma and step forward to put an end to this lunacy. Time is wasting and as each day passes, the giant of socialist government becomes stronger. Jefferson and Payne rightly knew and assessed what must be done to preserve this fragile union that they envisioned and gave birth to so long ago. and we are now in the midst of it as they saw it coming to pass.

The time for patriots is upon us and none are visible on the horizon. Not yet.

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