Friday, March 27, 2009

Daniel Hannan Warns America Again

Last night he appeared on the Sean Hannity program. If America gets nothing else from seeing and listening to this man, hopefully they will get and understand that the Brits have already been down many of the same paths that Barack Obama wants to take us now. and the most damning of the lot, is the rush to nationalized health care.

What is it about liberals that they always embrace the most failed policies of socialism and them acts as if they have discovered pristine and undiscovered truths?

America had better listen and stand as one against this interloper for socialism Obama. He is not the second coming and he is not the messiah and his version of change is not a change that we can live with. It is change that include the chains of bondage to a system that once embraced, will take an honest to goodness bloody revolution to throw off.

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