Saturday, March 07, 2009

Yes He Can

In today's world of daily worry and concern over what the future holds. In a time where each of us has been called upon to decide whether "yes we can" is truly a vision of our future, or a simple political catch phrase that will lead to our demise?

A different version of truth and vision of "can" exists in this world. And it is a vision that simply says to me....

"Yes He Can."

In times like those we are currently living in, it can often be difficult to see the plan or the truth of the ages that has been handed down to us and promised by the creator. But to claim those riches that we truly need to appreciate and enjoy our lives, we must first understand that long before we ever thought of the concept of our own ability to embody a belief in yes we can, there was a creator who looked down upon us and both embodied that reality and his own belief in our ability to achieve what we each "can" achieve.

So while contemplating whether you can or we can? First contemplate what "he can." Then decide your course and invite the man from Galilee to come along for the journey. And you may find? that he has been there with you all along.

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